Introducing Fred Roumbanis to Texas Whitetail Hunting

We’re welcoming professional bass angler Fred Roumbanis to camp, where he’ll be talking all things Garmin both on the water, and out in the field!  To Fred, Garmin is more than just a partnership, using their products is a way of life, so it’s only fitting that as he ventures more into the world of hunting, he’ll have the Garmin Xero bow sight equipped on his bow.  First thing’s first, as this will be Fred’s debut using the Garmin Xero bow sight, Michael helps him get sighted in at camp before hitting the field.  We’ll quickly see how easy the Xero bow sight is to use, even for someone who describes themselves as a, “novice,” when it comes to hunting.

On the first hunting day of Fred’s week long stay, he’s treated to an incredible nature hike on the way to the famous killing tree. As Fred is strolling along the path with his bow in hand, a prickly little critter with a goofy walk emerges before him, giving him his first ever sighting of a porcupine in the wild! Not long after, Kevin points out a red stag in the distance, giving him two sightings of animals he’s never seen in their natural habitats. Once he finally gets settled in the killing tree, a fallow appears, yet another unfamiliar animal to him! As Fred will tell us, “To take in this experience and see wildlife first hand like this, it’s why I love the outdoors.” On top of having the privilege of seeing all of these animals, the fact that he’s representing Garmin while doing so makes this a phenomenal occasion. By the end of Fred’s first day of hunting with us here in Texas, he adds a sika to the list of never-before-seen animals, and even though he gets busted and doesn’t fill the freezer on the first day, it wasn’t for a lack of seeing animals and having a wonderful time.