Jeff Reynolds reels in the BIG ONES on a Secret Lures Ledge Shaker

The ledge shaker has limitless potential when it comes to the amount of fish and size of fish it can help you reel in.  Another advantage that can give you a leg up on other anglers when you’re fishing in pressured areas, is utilizing electronics like the Garmin GPS map XSV, which allows you to see fish out in front of you before you reach them. With the combo of using Garmin electronics, and the Secret Lures Ledge Shaker, Jeff reels in a massive catch to finish out his day on the water! The Secret Lures Ledge Shaker has proven itself a force to be reckoned with today!  With its versatility and durability, this jig head is one of the best tools you can add to your arsenal. To find out more about the Secret Lures Ledge Shaker, Visit!