Kentucky Archery Adventures During Velvet Deer Season

It’s opening weekend of whitetail hunting in Kentucky and our team has returned to Salt River Outfitters with their bows in hand and are excited to see what this weekend has to offer. Over the last few years, it has become a tradition for us to make our way out to Kentucky for the opening weekend. One great aspect of being here during early season is velvet deer, and when the deer are in velvet, it adds to the uniqueness and character of the antlers. For this reason, the Kentucky experience is one not a single hunter would want to miss. Today we will be joining Steve Nessl on an evening bow hunt. Using one of the Yamaha Side-By-Side vehicles Steve brought along with him, he and camera man Jeff Reynolds make their way out to a swamp stand several hundred yards away from the camp grounds. Steve has his sights set on a mature whitetail buck in velvet. While sitting in the stand, we sees a handful of great looking deer. What makes these bucks even more unique, is they’re almost hybrid, with antlers not fully in velvet anymore, but not quite fully hard horned yet, either. Tune in and see if he can bring home one of these bucks of a lifetime!