Kuche Safaris

Americana Outdoors gives you an inside look into what you can expect when you book an African hunting trip with Kuche Safaris. Enjoy luxury living, excellent service, and second to none safari experiences that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime!

In Swahili, the word “Kuche” means: “To be busy and happy for the whole day from dawn to dusk” This is our promise to you. Pure enjoyment and a personal touch!

For many people it’s a lifelong dream to go on a safari to Africa be it a photo safari or hunting experience. When going on a safari to any unknown country, there arise a lot of questions that needs to be answered. We realize that you have to put your trust, values and money in the hands of a stranger at the time.

Kuche Safaris is owned by Koos de Meyer. He started hunting at a very young age and has lots of experience in the hunting field. Koos is married to Sharon and have two children, Cobus and Zandra who lives in camp and thus create a family atmosphere.

Growing up with his dad operating in the hunting industry, Cobus gained lots of experience. After school he finished his professional hunters course and now is a full time guide at Kuche Safaris. Zandra finished her studies in Somatology and thereafter went to the USA. She worked for two seasons at Carnaval Cruise Lines in the spa. Since 2015 she is with Kuche Safaris and take care of massages and non-hunters.

Koos used to be in the South-African police force in Pretoria, the capitol of South Africa. He worked in different sectors of the police like vehicle theft and organized crime. This took him all over and he worked in all the countries south of the equator in Africa as a police officer. This is where he came across the word “Kuche”. In Swahili, the word “Kuche” means “to be busy and happy from dawn to dusk” and that is Kuche Safari’s promise to you.

During his police career he hunted part-time for some of the bigger outfits at the time and there gained a lot of experience on what to do and what not to do all to ensure that you have a good safari.

After he left the police he started Kuche Safaris from scratch and has built it to the succesfull business it is today..

At Kuche Safaris we realize that the hunt is about you and we respect the money that you work for. We also realize that having a good experience is just as important as having good trophies.

Kuche Safaris offers hunting in the way you like it, weather it be bow, rifle, black powder or pistol. We offer you a lifetime experience that will exceed your expectations. We are successful in this outfit because through personal service we strive to change every client into a friend. To reach that goal, we base our service in friendship, trust and reliability. We offer great hunts and unbelievable photographic safaris. Our 90% client return is proof of that.