Michael Neal Reviews the Denali Lithium Series

To succeed on the bass tournament trail, you’ve got to be versatile. Today’s anglers need to be ready for any situation, under any conditions, any day of the year.

In order to have versatility on the water, you’ve got to have it in your rod locker first.

The Lithium series features the most technologically advances, feature-rich, and versatile bass rods on the planet. Engineers put thousands of hours both in the lab and on the water to produce a lineup that performs 100% of the time, no matter what conditions the tournament trail throws at you.

With the Lithium series, Denali didn’t just add a chapter, they re-wrote the book.

From their ultra-lightweight blanks to their jaw-dropping woven silver graphite, the Lithium series rods have integrated form and function in a way never before seen in a bass rod-and all at a price point that’s easy on the wallet.