Muzzleloader Hunting on Opening Day In Kansas

We’re joining Wade Middleton in central Kansas for the opening day of muzzleloader season.  This hunt is a special one for Wade as it’s been about thirteen to fourteen years since he’s made it up to Kansas for opening day of their muzzleloader season. When it comes to Kansas whitetail hunting, there’s one thing people will always tell you, “They’re big, they’re big, they’re BIG!” Before he sets off into the field, he spends some time at the range getting familiar with his Thompson/Center Impact!SB muzzleloader at the range.

When Wade and cameraman Jeff Reynolds make their way out to the field, they settle into a ground blind near a pond and wait for the deer to arrive. With this being opening day of muzzleloader season, the temperatures are still warm, and the deer are slow to appear. As the hours pass by and with only thirty minutes of legal shooting time left, the deer activity in the once quiet field exploded! Wade finally sets his sights on an impressively sized buck. Find out if his return to Kansas hunt is a success!