National Team Walleye Championship from AuSable and Oscoda Michigan

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re in AuSable and Oscoda Michigan on the waters of Lake Huron where we’re bringing you the full coverage of this years Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s National Team Championship, and later, we’ll cover more ways you can get involved in tournament walleye fishing!
The NTC is a three day, two angler team format tournament. Anglers can bring their five best fish to the scales for weight in. This year we have 219 teams competing for a chance to get a piece of the $242,000 dollar cash purse, and the first place winners will receive a grand prize of $25,000 and a brand new Ranger 620!

The Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s National Team Championship is considered one of the the highest levels of grassroots walleye fishing tournaments.  This tournament is the result of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s partnering with The Walleye Federation, Ranger Boats, and numerous other sponsors and walleye circuits and clubs across the nation.  To find out how you can get involved in local clubs and have a chance to be invited to the NTC, visit!

We’re kicking things off on local angler Adam Hume’s boat with his partner, Mike Karner. They’ve already landed two good keeper walleye and are looking to fill out their limit. In between sifting through the sheep head to get to the walleye, it doesn’t take long for them to bump up the numbers in their livewell to four. Over on the South end of Lake Huron, we meet up with another pair of locals, Romeo Bourdage and Mark Haugerud, who share their thoughts on what it means to have Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s hosting an event like the NTC in their small community. According to Romeo, “It’s phenomenal… That they put the time, effort, and energy in to bring money into the communities… the whole local economy benefits when they’re putting money out like that.” As day one winds down, we see some pretty big bags at the scales, with 22.13 pounds taking the lead on day one!

Before we head in to day two, we’ll take some time to learn about more walleye tournament options for those of you who are avid walleye anglers and looking to broaden your horizons in the tournament fishing world. For 37 seasons, The Masters Walleye Circuit has set the standard for team walleye tournament fishing. Winners of these tournaments routinely pocket $10,000 to $15,000 dollars or more in cash and prizes thanks to investments from Bass Pro Shops and Cabala’s, as well as from other bonuses provided by sponsors such as Ranger Boats. On top of that, competitors who place in first of each leg of the MWC schedule automatically win a $1,000 dollar Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s National Team Championship prize package that includes paid entry into the NTC! To learn more about the MWC, head on over to!

As day two unfolds, the weather is changing and the catches have slowed down considerably for our competitors. By the time we get to the scales, we see a shake up on the leaderboard with Day one leaders falling to third, and Day one’s fifth place team jumping up into first. With the weather continuing to change and a massive storm threatening to roll in, tune in and see if Day three will be fished, or if day two’s leaderboard standings will remain untouched and a winner crowned!

As we wrap up this show, let’s take a look at another famous circuit that passionate walleye anglers can participate in, the National Walleye Tour Presented by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.  This highly competitive circuit offers premier, tour-level competition for avid walleye anglers!   Featuring a regular season and a championship, this tour provides the highest level of competitive walleye fishing available that features unparalleled media coverage and a payout that’s unmatched in tournament walleye fishing.    If you want to compete in next years National Walleye Tour, head on over to where you can learn how to get registered, read about the angler advantage program and all of the sponsor contingency programs they offer, and sign up for their free e-newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news out of the National Walleye Tour presented by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s!