Old Dawgs New Tricks

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re hanging out in Kentucky on Lake Beshear with Terry McWilliams and Jeff Reynolds. Terry is best known as the pioneer of the Stupid Tube™ made by Secret Lures. This little tube has taken him from fishing several local state tournaments, all the way up to landing him a fourth place finish in the 2007 Bassmaster Classic. Now, he’s letting Jeff in on his secrets to success using this bait! Join us as we get an in depth look at how this tube and jig head expertly work together as a rigging system that is guaranteed to reel in lots of fish into your boat! We’ll also take a look at what types of hooks are used for all three sizes of the Stupid Tube™, and the secret way to rig them for maximum results. We’ll also have a chance to take a look at a new product Secret Lures has developed that anglers at any skill level can use in this episode!

Later on, we’re heading over to Fayette County Reservoir in central Texas with Mike McClelland. He’s here today answering some of the common questions he hears when it comes to crank bait fishing. Some of these questions concern which crank baits to use depending on the depth you want to fish at, what time of year is best to use crank baits, how to set up your electronics, and what type of rod and line to use on the water. Crank baits have always been a favorite among many pro anglers, and when you follow these tips and tricks that Mike McClelland has to share with us today, you’ll reel a ton of fish into your boat and quickly see why they are the personal favorite of many professional anglers!