On The Hunt For Red Stag and Turkey

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re joining Kevin Giesecke on a thrilling multi-day hunt that a massive Texas red stag led him on, and later, we’re tagging along with Michael Wersig on a Turkey hunt with a Tenpoint Havoc RS440 paired with the Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope!

To kick things off, we’re jumping in on the third day of Kevin’s red stag hunt out an an area of the property dubbed, “The Middle Field.” Towards the end of the evening, the red stag that Kevin has been hopeful to see finally makes an appearance, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint. His incredible mass absolutely dwarfs that of the other three bulls standing in front of the pop-up blind. As it’s the rutting season, this bulls huge size doesn’t deter the others from challenging him, and Kevin is treated to one of the most exciting duels between four red stag bulls that we’ve ever seen on the show!

When we return to the field, it’s been another two days since Kevin last spotted the red stag he’s determined to bring home. On this night, the red stag makes another appearance, but once again, he’s just out of range, and Kevin returns to camp empty handed. Before heading back to the field, Wade takes a trip out to the hunting site to spice it up with deer blocks and corn courtesy of Record Rack. By scattering these irresistible treats around the area, they’re hopeful that will tempt this red stag into Kevin’s bow range.

Never one to give up, Kevin heads back out on the eighth day of his hunt for the red stag. Once again, the red stag emerges through the tree line, but this time, he heads straight towards the Record Rack deer blocks in front of Kevin’s pop-up blind. It’s not long before the stag turns and presents the perfect broadside shot, but as Kevin prepares to take his shot, the stag gets spooked and runs several feet away. Tune in and see if Kevin can still take his shot and finally bring home this incredible red stag!

Before we move on to Michael’s hunt with the TenPoint Havoc RS440 paired with a Garmin Xero Crossbow Scope, we’ll hear one more time from Wade as he gives us the rundown on the evolution of the Garmin Xero. When Garmin first introduced the concept of the Xero Bow Sight, it almost sounded too good to be true. Sure enough, they developed it and changed the game for bow hunters. After several years of seeing its success in the field, Garmin once again out did themselves and debuted the Xero X1i Crossbow Scope. If you’re looking for a sight that gives you perfect, consistent accuracy, the Xero X1i is the way to go. Learn more about these incredible options for the Garmin Xero Bow Sight and Xero X1i Crossbow Scope by visiting garmin.com!

To round out this episode, we’re joining Michael Wersig at the Dead Oak location of our deer camp property, where he’ll be using the TenPoint Havoc RS440 paired with a Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope. This area promises to hold a lot of game, be it whitetail, exotics, or turkey. One thing Michael loves about hunting in Texas is the opportunity to take turkey in the fall. To Michael, it’s always interesting to observe the different behavior patterns between turkeys during the fall and the spring. As Michael’s hunt moves along, a group of turkeys make their way into range, and Michael see’s his chances at bringing home one of these birds!