Another Fishing Show is an invitation to join two lifelong friends as we explore the waters (and watering holes) that surround us in our home state of MN. We strive to tell stories with a heavy dose of humor that involve interesting personalities catching interesting fish. We believe fishing has always been more about people than fish anyway. So come along as we learn what drives people to go to extremes in their pursuit of the outdoor experience.

Another Fishing Show. We go fishing, so you don’t have to.


A Bass Fishing Disaster

Lifelong friends, Pete Wagner and Greg Underdahl, experience a bass fishing disaster! The duo meet up at Pete’s farmhouse to plan an epic bass fishing trip to a southern Minnesota hot spot. After ironing out all the logistics in Pete’s garage, the guys head out on the road. As the pair nears closer to the lake, an unsettling noise is heard from Pete’s Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 convulses numerous times before finally shutting down completely, stranding Greg and Pete at the ramp of the lake where they were going to fish. Will this day be a complete waste? Or can our stubborn anglers salvage it with last minute heroics?