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For years, Fishing & Hunting Texas has provided fascinating coverage of a variety of fishing and hunting trips across Texas – and now more than ever, viewers will be treated to even more insight on the Lone Star state as Clark Wendlandt, one of the most  well-known Texas outdoorsmen of all time, takes over full-time hosting of the program.

Clark is not only one of the most successful tournament anglers in modern history, he’s also a respected outdoorsman and hunter who has hunted in Texas his whole life.


.50 Cal Air Rifles For Hunting

On this episode of Fishing and Hunting Texas, Kevin Giesecke and Michael Wersig are hitting the field to test out the .50 Caliber Umarex Hammer on several exciting hunts!

To kick things off, Kevin and Michael settled into their makeshift ground blind in the early hours of the morning. As expected, the animals were moving around and it didn’t take long before both whitetails and aoudad appeared in front of them. For a long while, aoudads have been on Kevin’s hunting bucket list but the chance to take one never presented itself. As they sat patiently watching a large herd of aoudad form, a mature ewe was taking center stage and giving him a perfect shot opportunity. With a little more patience, the ewe turns broadside and Kevin is able to get a shot off on her!

Up next, Kevin steps behind the camera as he and Michael head out to another area of the property with the .50 Caliber Umarex Hammer in hand for an opportunity hunt. As Michael puts it, “Whatever walks out that’s either gonna give us meat or make a good hunt, that’s what we’re going for.” On this day, the sunrise was beautiful and the wind was blowing in their favor, setting them up for a perfect day of hunting. Plenty of does came out, even a couple nice young bucks, but as the day progressed they weren’t seeing much of anything else. As they began leaning more and more towards taking a doe, a large, dark figure started emerging from the brush line. To their surprise, it turned out to be a sika, and from that moment on their focus shifted to taking him. As with learning any new hunting platform, sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but that’s all part of the process of learning to hunt with an air rifle. See how Michael’s hunt turns out when he gets a shot off on this stunning animal.

As Michael and Kevin’s week-long hunting excursion continues, the weather shifts. What started out as nice, cool weather now has the guys toughing it out in the midst of a chilly cold front with gusty high winds. As Michael climbs high up in a tripod, he’s looking to fill the freezer once again. This time, it’s wild hogs that present themselves before Michael. He waits and waits for them to clear the brush line, and when they finally do, Michael gets a clean shot off on one of the hogs thanks to the deadly power of the .50 Caliber Umarex Hammer!

Up next, Kevin hands the camera back over to Michael as he sets out with the hopes of checking off yet another animal from his hunting bucket list: an aoudad ram. Just like we saw earlier, a large herd of aoudads forms, and then, it doesn’t take long before a massive aoudad ram shows up. Tune in and find out if Kevin will finally get an opportunity on this big guy!

With one last camera handoff, Michael sets out to wrap up this week-long hunting journey. Once again they were treated to a beautiful morning, with lots of does and a few small bucks, but it was otherwise rather slow. Not ones to give up on a spot, the guys decided to go back to the very same stand for an evening hunt to see if the odds had shifted in their favor. As the daylight began to fade into darkness, Michael was running out of legal shooting light when one of the nicest bucks he’d seen walks into frame. Tune in and see what will make Michael say, “Hunting with any platform… If you can have confidence in it that you can make an ethical shot, if it’s going to have the power to make an ethical kill… it’s a blast!”


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Fishing & Hunting Texas
Fishing & Hunting Texas
Fishing & Hunting Texas