Pheasant Hunting

Every year, the nations largest grasslands conservation organization, Pheasants Forever, hosts the “Rooster Road Trip,” by traveling across the country in search of the most unique upland hunting experiences.  This year, the Garmin team is proudly joining in on the action as the Rooster Road Trip ventures in to South Dakota,  to celebrate 100 years of pheasant hunting during opening weekend. Throughout the hunt the team will use Garmin’s wide range of outdoor devices to help them reach their limit of not only pheasants, but prairie chickens and sharp-tailed grouse as well.

Over the course of the three days we spend here in South Dakota, the team runs in to a bit of a challenge hunting these birds.  During the first week of pheasant hunting, you’re not allowed to hunt pheasants until noon, so our team looks to prairie grouse.  However, it’s the middle of the hunting season for prairie grouse, and these keen birds are on to our team members. They certainly don’t make their jobs an easy one.  But, as Rehan will tell us, everything goes according to plan until it doesn’t, and that’s just part of the excitement. And later, when we get in on the pheasant action, we see just how much of an impact the golden hour can have on a long day of hunting.

As we all know, hunting has always been about more than just the hunt, and during this trip we have the privilege of meeting a wonderful group of hunters, and a family who have been hunting together for three generations.  This is what it’s all about, good people, managing and taking care of great properties, and passing along traditions to the up and coming next generations of hunters.

In this episode, we also get an inside look at a handful of new Garmin products that are sure to give you a great advantage whether you’re out hunting birds, or just enjoying the great outdoors! These products include the Garmin Alpha® 100, the Garmin Pro 550 Plus, the Garmin InReach® Mini, and the Garmin Instinct™ Watch!