Pond Fishing Adventure

Ponds, that’s where most anglers first learn to fish. These smaller bodies of water offer great angling opportunities, as well as a place for someone to quickly escape to and catch a few fish. Whether you are a youngster using a push button reel or a seasoned veteran looking to catch a lunker, ponds are an angler’s paradise for fishing varieties of different cover and getting bites.

During the first part of this episode, host Wade Middleton is joined by guest Darren Mooneyham as the two embark on an afternoon of pond hopping at Prairie Hill Sporting Club in central Texas. This expansive property is comprised of more than 100 fishable bodies of water. During this particular afternoon, Wade and Darren pond hop across several of those different fisheries catching close to 50 fish in just a matter of hours.

Baits are another key to a successful pond fishing trip. Wade likes to keep things simple when it comes to gearing up for a pond fishing adventure. One bait that he prefers to throw, especially when there is matted vegetation present, is the SPRO Bronzeye Frog. Learn about the rod, reel, and fishing line that you need to catch fish in this scenario.

To wrap up this episode, we look back at a pond fishing trip that Clark Wendlandt and Wade made during deer season a few years back. Depending on the particular pond you’re fishing at, some of these fisheries tend to have one key piece of structure that the fish who live there will set up on. This time Clark uses his home field knowledge to his advantage to set up on the right stretch and catch lots of fish!

Tune in to learn all things you need to know about pond fishing!