Pop Ups vs Ground Blinds vs Box Blinds

You know some of the most simple blinds a person can put together is to just take a couple of pallets, spray paint them a little bit, to kind of get some of the shine off of them for a future hunt, throw some brush up around them, and you’re going to find success with those.

The reality is, there’s not always the perfect tree, where the deer wanna be to be able to do that and that’s where the pop-up comes in, it’s the most versatile hunting stand that you’re possibly gonna find. Pop-ups come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, designs, fabrics, and each one of them plays and offers a great asset to you as the hunter.

Box blinds have really evolved. There are guys who go build their own and taking all that into account, but for our investment, we like Muddy Blinds. They are well designed, they have a lot of little features built-in there, a mix of window configurations for a rifle, bow, handgun, or even a crossbow.