Preparing For a Day of Amberjack Fishing with the Papotanic Crew

We’re going on an action packed offshore fishing adventure with Bill Platt and team Papotanic! The goal today is to hit the water bright and early to set sail across the Gulf of Mexico in search of large amberjacks, wahoos, cobia, and maybe even some large black fin tuna!

Team Papotanic is looking to cover close to three hundred miles round trip for this expedition, and the use of both Yamaha and Garmin electronics will give them peace of mind as they make that lengthy journey. At the helm of Bill’s boat we’ll find it decked out with two Garmin GPSMAP® 8616 units, a Garmin GSD™ 26 CHIRP Professional Sonar Module, and of course, the latest version of the Helm Master® EX from Yamaha. Throughout the day we’ll see how Bill uses these tools in conjunction with one another for superior boat control, navigating the waters, finding the big fish, and for staying on top of the fish.