Preparing for a Successful Bass Fishing Trip

An angler’s success during a fishing trip is determined long before they arrive at the lake and make that first cast. Preparation and planning are key off the water factors that dictate an angler’s success later down the road. Whether it’s having the right bait in a tackle box or knowing exactly where to find that perfect leader line in the boat to get rigged up quickly, it is important not to overlook these various items when preparing for a fishing adventure.

Host Wade Middleton starts the show by looking through baits and tackle in his shed. Here, Wade will store all of his gear and when it comes time to go fishing will grab the specific tackle he needs to load in his boat to go target the given lake. Learn about tackle organization and how to better identify the baits in your tackle box during this segment.

Next up, Wade goes on outside to load up his boat with the baits, line, and tackle that he just organized. Each angler has a specific preference for how they organize and lay out gear in their boat. Find out where Wade stores baits and terminal tackle, as well as how he packs extra line to use while out at the lake!

Lastly, we take to the water to run the new boat and test out the organization items we just walked through. The lake that Wade is fishing is Medina Lake. Medina is close to 40 feet low during the time of this trip. Bass are in the pre-spawn phase, staging on steep rock banks, and Wade catches a boat load of bass using the SPRO RkCrawler!