Rigging Soft Plastics

Soft plastics are some of the most versatile fishing baits/lures on the market. For instance, one particular finesse worm could be used in a variety of ways from a Texas Rig to a Neko Rig, fished weightless, or even used on the back of a Carolina Rig. On this episode of the Fisherman’s Handbook, we take a closer look at how to rig particular baits and show you just exactly how these baits look under water.

Through the first half of the episode, Wade highlights the Big Bite Baits Finesse Worm. This is a slim profile finesse worm that pairs well with a shaky head, and can also be fished weightless as a wacky rig. During the first segment, we look back at a trip with Wade and Jeff Kriet on Lake LBJ where they are using the finesse worm on a Neko Rig around boat docks. Following that, we go to Pickwick Lake in Alabama where Wade then uses the same soft plastic bait paired on a shaky head. One worm, two different presentations, both successful fishing trips.

At the end of this episode, we look at the Stupid Tube from Secret Lures. The Stupid Tube is a bait/rigging method that was developed in Indiana and is now taking the country by storm. Find out more about Secret Lures, this great bait, and how to rig it as we wrap up this episode focused on rigging soft plastics.