Secret Lures… The Secret Is Out

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re hitting the water with Danny Blandford and Matt McCoy of Secret Lures as they spend the day out on Kentucky Lake throwing the bait that put Secret Lures on the map, the Stupid Tube! To kick things off, we’ll hear some insight into how Matt prefers to throw the bait, and what tips and tricks he has for those who are just beginning to throw a Stupid Tube. Since Danny and his wife Holly took over Secret Lures a little over two years ago, the impact they’ve seen this tube and other products they sell have on the youth has been incredible. From young kids, to high school and the college level, the influx of parents getting their kids interested in the sport of fishing using the Stupid Tube has been overwhelming, and according to Danny, “We’re trading dollars for baits, and helping young anglers go and do the things you and I do, and that’s kind of amazing when you think about it.”

Seventeen years ago Matt McCoy first began throwing the Stupid Tube after seeing the success his uncle, Terry McWilliams, had with the tube. Terry McWilliams is most well known as the, “Pioneer of the Stupid Tube,” and this little tube has taken both Terry and Matt to the Bassmaster Classic! Throughout the episode, we’ll see how this bait is built to trigger bites, and get a walkthrough on how to rig this bait the right way to ensure you get lots of great catches, and not just snag the bottom. We’ll also see how this bait does a great job of catching bites even when seasonal conditions aren’t the most ideal. By the end of this episode we’ll have a great understanding of why pro anglers and weekend anglers alike insist on throwing this bait, and we’ll hear from Danny and Holly themselves about just what kind of impact Secret Lures has had on their lives, and what makes Holly say, “It makes my heart happy.”