Spicing Up Your Hunting Area

We’re in Central Texas with Wade Middleton where he’s giving us the rundown of how he likes to set up a hunting area. Some of these tips include setting out deer blocks around his blind from Record Rack. Deer love these highly nutritious feed blocks and can’t resist the wild berry flavor. Another key thing is to set up your pop-up blind in an area that gives you the best tactical advantage. By getting out and looking at it from the perspective of a deer, you can see what changes you need to make to the area by spicing up its surroundings. One other step you can take is setting up a Stealth Cam. Having one of these nifty cameras set up around your hunting site allows you to see when deer are coming in, and which deer are visiting that may be the perfect dream buck. Keep these tips in mind next time you go hunting, and hopefully, you’ll have no issues bringing home a whitetail of your own!