SPRO – Rats

No need for an exterminator to take on these rats. They are made for your pursuit of trophy fish. Big bass anglers have secretly used rat type lures for a long time in their search for trophy fish. The SPRO BBZ Rat has the realistic look and features of a custom bait costing 3X more, but are offered at a value pricing allowing any angler to give them a try. The Rat 25 is 5” long and weighs 5/16 of an ounce. It is a great choice for anglers using spinning rods and anglers fishing in farm ponds. It dives up to 2ft deep. The Rat 30 is a 1/2oz lure that is 6” long and can be used as a surface walking bait or with a wake action. The Rat 40 is 7” long, weighs 1 oz and is also deadly on the surface or when retrieved with a waking action. The largest rat in the family, the Rat 50 is the trophy hunter’s dream. 2.5oz and 10” long it is made for big bass. It walks or wakes and features a deep thumping rattle sound like all the sizes. All the rats have interchangeable tails and SPRO offers the rat in seven colors.