Steve Knocks Down Velvet Whitetail GIANT

Four years in the making but Steve Nessl of Yamaha can now say he has successfully harvested a whitetail in full velvet!

Steve joined up with the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries crew in September at Salt River Outfitters for the opening weekend of velvet season in Kentucky. When Steve first came to Kentucky, he was teased all weekend long by a monster 8-point but, that buck never came into range and was harvested later that year.

The second time he ventured to Salt River Outfitters, Steve encountered a 10-point buck that had shed his velvet but had some scraps remaining. After a great shot with his Garmin Xero, he was on the board but still after a whitetail in full velvet.

You would think the third time would be the charm but with some unusual weather and some costly mistakes from Steve, it just wasn’t his year. Now watch his whole hunt go down for this will be a Whitetail Diaries Entry to remember!