Stupid Craw Fishin’ During The Spawn

It’s spring time and Jeff is in an area that has shallow, murky waters and seriously heavy cover where he knows the fish are hunkering down on beds during the spawn. While the Stupid Craw™ has been designed specifically for Stupid Style rigging, Jeff is testing out this baits versatility and has switched over to a Texas rig for the afternoon. He’s found that given the conditions and the heavy cover he’s fishing around, a Texas rig allows the bait to slid through the thick cattails just a little bit easier and get him the catches he’s looking to find. Another tip to keep in mind, is that when you find yourself fishing in thick cover such as Jeff, you’ll want to have braided line, a stiff heavy rod, and a heavy wire hook which will allow you to cut through cover. By the end of the day, this non-traditional way of throwing the Stupid Craw™ pays off as we watch Jeff catch fish after fish!