Sunline Introduces All-New Sokomaki Backing Line

The new Sokomaki Backing Line allows anglers to partially fill their reels with a backing line before they add more expensive fluorocarbon or braided line on top. By utilizing a backing line to fill the bottom of a reel it provides a cost-effective backing that can be used on your baitcast reels. Sokomaki is available in a 1000yd bulk spool which allows an angler to easily fill many reels from one spool, and not have to keep a large number of old-line spools on hand to be used as backing. Sokomaki is made with a uniform and consistent 0.013 diameter which is the equivalent of 16lb test. The consistent diameter allows it to lay on the reel in a uniform manner, which allows the line to be even on the spool for proper filling, thus enhancing the casting distance and performance of your reel. Similarly, with a uniform line diameter, the line lays evenly across the spool providing a solid and consistent foundation of backing for your reels.