Sunline Makes More Than Just Great Fishing Line

You can have all the great new fishing baits and hooks on the market, but you can’t take any of that out on the water without some seriously durable line that holds up under pressure, and our favorite line to cast has always been Sunline. Not only does Sunline make great line options, they also feature organization products like their brand new Line Stocker, which will keep your reels from getting banged up in transport, as well as protect your line from sun damage. Another new product from Sunline this year is the Sokomaki Backing Line, which gives anglers a more cost effective backing for their bait cast reels. Lastly, we’ll hear from Drew Cook about the new Maboroshi FC Leader, which is pure leader line featuring a repeating color pattern of green, moss green, gray, natural clear, and reddish brown. The fish will never know what’s coming for them! We’ll also see where you can go to get the best tips and tricks for tying on your baits! Visit for the latest information on everything they have to offer!