2021 Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley – Day 1 Part 2

On this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series, we provide continued coverage from Day 1 of the 2021 Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley on Kentucky Lake in Henry County and Paris, TN.

On the previous episode, we took a look at the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia, introduced the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Bash presented by Berkley, and covered Day 1 Session 1 weigh-in presented by Engel Coolers. Day 1 action at Kentucky Lake is picking up as anglers begin to form a pattern out on this Tennessee River fishery.

The next weigh-in session anglers can compete in is Session 2 presented by HydroWave. First place for this session will earn a HydroWave H2, $200 Bass Pro Shops gift card, and a T-H Marine prize package. Anglers will be looking to best 5.25 pounds to claim the overall tournament lead.

Paris, TN and Henry County have long been supporters of collegiate bass fishing. The Association of Collegiate Anglers has been bringing premier college fishing events to Kentucky Lake for upwards of 10 years now. The Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce has been key in this long-lasting partnership. From providing meals at weigh-in, to support in a variety of other ways, Paris, TN and Henry County works to create a great atmosphere for anglers from all across the country to come to town and have a great time fishing Kentucky Lake.

Session 3 presented by Bass Pro Shops offers one of the most lucrative payouts in the entire event. First place for this hour will win a $1,000 Bass Pro Shops gift card. The Top 10 during this session will all earn Bass Pro Shops gift card of varying values, as well as an array of other different items.

The final session of the day is presented by Garmin. The winner of this session will earn a Garmin Panoptix LiveScope system, with 2nd and 3rd also receiving valuable prizes from Garmin. Stay tuned all the way through this episode, as the biggest fish of the day will be brought to the scales during Session 4!

2021 TXTT Sam Rayburn #1

Texas Team Trail visits famed Sam Rayburn for the second stop of the 2021 season! Check out all the action from the first of a double-header tournament weekend — it all starts NOW!

The Ranger Boats Experience

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re on Table Rock Lake fishing in the Ozarks of Missouri and bringing you all of the exciting coverage of this years Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Ranger Boats Experience!

Similar to years past, the Ranger Boats Experience takes a group of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s CLUB members on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Ranger Boats factory, where they get the opportunity to see how these world class boats are built from the ground up. Then, they get the opportunity to participate in a two-day Pro-am bass fishing tournament alongside professional bass anglers that are associated with Ranger Boats and Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, all while staying at the world famous Big Cedar Lodge!

We’re kicking day one off on professional bass angler Stephen Browning’s boat with his partner Richard Ruschhaupt where they look like they’re using Stephen’s knowledge of Table Rock to catch some fish on their first stop. After swiftly landing two good keepers, we’ll leave them to their own devices and check in with CLUB member James Parisien and his partner Todd Auten. Over on this stretch of the lake, James and Todd have already landed their five keepers, and now they’re looking for even bigger fish to cull and bump up their total weight for the scales. Over on Wade Middleton’s boat, Wade gives us a brief history on what his past involvement with the Ranger Boats Experience has meant to him over the years. According to Wade, “Catching fish is a bonus, but the experience of all the different people coming together from all over,” is one of his favorite parts about this event. By the end of the day, all five teams bring back five fish limits, and Richard Ruschhaupt along with his partner Stephen Browning are leading the score boards with a 3.76 pound lead over fifth place.

Going into day two, the teams get shuffled around and the Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s CLUB members find themselves with all new partners. Richard Ruschhaupt describes his experience as having, “Fished with the old man yesterday and the young gun today.” By switching up the pairings between days one and two, the CLUB members get the unique opportunity of seeing varying perspectives and how the pro’s take different approaches while they’re on the water. Just like on day one, all of the teams are seeing success as they reel in lots of fish. Over on Clark Wendlandt’s boat, Clark takes the time to coach Colette McBride on what to do to land a solid keeper. By the end of the day, all the teams bring in bags at the five fish limit. Will Richard Ruschhaupt hold on to his lead, or will another CLUB member swoop in at the last moment and bring home the glory? Tune in and find out!

Gear for Hunting

In this episode of Cabela’s Deer Gear TV we’re debuting some new gear for the coming hunting season. From what’s in Wade’s backpack that you will want to add to yours, to a brand new way of hunting that’s providing more options for those going afield.

Have you wondered what you should have in your backpack, every time you go out on a hunt? Are you carrying too much, or too little? In this episode we dive into Wade’s backpack and see the gear that he packs into his backpack at the start of the season, so he can take it out into the field every time he goes out in search of a whitetail.

Also in the show, our friends at Garmin recently launched the Garmin Tread, a rugged power sports GPS navigator. Brandon Brinkman from Garmin was in our camp during a turkey hunt, and was able to get out and showcase just some of the features of the all-new Garmin Tread.

As hunters, we get a lot of steps in during hunting season, which means it’s important to take care of your feet and give them the comfort and support they need throughout the hunt. We’ll take a look at some hunting boots that not only are GORE-TEX but are enforced by material from BF Goodrich.

Later on in the episode we turn our attention to crossbows for a quick minute. With crossbows becoming as popular as they are, there are lots of new, powerful, and innovative models out there. One thing you see, are reverse draw crossbows. But what’s the difference between a reverse draw crossbow and a traditional forward draw crossbow? Find out!

So with crossbows being more powerful than ever, you need a crossbow target that can handle those high speeds without the bolts going through or getting stuck. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s carry such a target that can handle the high-speeds from today’s modern crossbow, and we got our hands on one!

The main feature of our episode is a new way of hunting game, and that’s with an airbow! Michael Wersig introduces us to some airbows from Umarex Airguns.

One final piece of gear that’s found its way into our deer camp, are the Exude Direct Light Illuminators. These long distance Illuminators by Optical Dynamics combine specially engineered precision lenses with powerful LEDs to project a harmonized, focused beam of pure light on your target. Optical Dynamics light projection technology creates a tight, focusable column of pure harmonized light, typically only found in the natural environment. Optical Dynamics long distance illuminators are compact, lightweight, and easy to handle or mount onto a scope.

If you have any questions about any of the products featured in this episode, shoot us an email at Thanks for watching!

The Subtle Differences of Fixed and Mechanical Broadheads

When deciding on whether or not to shoot fixed or mechanical broadheads in the end it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with shooting and making sure you put that arrow right where it needs to go. Bowhunters seem to be either on “Team Fixed” or “Team Mechanical” with a few in “Team Hybrid”.

In this video Wade talks about the subtle differences and keys to shooting a broadhead be it fixed or mechanical.

The Ultimate Hunting Boot

Total hunting boot performance that gives you a maximum hunting edge, the Cabela’s® Treadfast BOA® GORE-TEX® Insulated Hunting Boots for Men help you keep your focus on your target. Tough, yet lightweight, 600-denier textile uppers feature a direct-molded thermoplastic support cage for maximum abrasion protection. A specialized design you operate with just 1 hand, the boots’ BOA Fit System delivers a sure fit without pressure points for greater comfort. Inside the boots, moisture-wicking linings, GORE-TEX waterproof/breathable membranes, and open cell foam provide superior waterproof protection and excellent breathability. Zoned 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation puts 800-gram insulation in the toebox, 400-gram in the instep, and 200-gram in the heel for optimal thermal comfort at the lightest weight possible. Ultralight TC3 OrthoLite® cushioned, memory-foam insoles offer 3 levels of superior cushioning. Inspired by BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire tread, the Treadfast’s outsoles sport a proprietary tread design to provide all-weather and all terrain footing.

Learn more about the Cabela’s Treadfast BOA GORE-TEX Insulated Hunting Boots for Men here:

Bow Hunting

Hunting with a bow and arrow has been a way to feed your family and have great times in the field. In this episode, we go deep into all the gear bowhunters can use to help increase their chances of a successful hunt.

The first piece of gear is we talk about is going to be broadheads. Wade talks about the subtle differences and keys to shooting a broadhead be it fixed or mechanical. When deciding on whether or not to shoot fixed or mechanical broadheads in the end, it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with shooting and making sure you put that arrow right where it needs to go.

Our next piece of gear some hunters swear by and others won’t go near it, and that’s cover scents and attractants. Cover scents and attractants are two totally different categories when it comes to scent products in regards to hunting. A cover scent is something that you put on you, your gear, and the surrounding foliage to make the deer not know you’re there. A scent attractant is something that you use to bring a deer out of the brush to come into your hunting area because they think there is a hot doe or a buck that’s moved into their area. Cover Scents and Attractants can be used in a similar manner, but they have distinctly different times of the year when you should use them. ConQuest Scents is the leader in Cover Scent and Attractant technology. They’ve got their own deer farm and they bring their “Doe in Heat”, and the “Rutting Buck” scents right out of those deer, right when it’s happening. ConQuest Scents is able to put those different smells into a variety of deployment systems, like the Stink Stick, ScentFIRE, and Wax Applicators.

Also in this episode, Wade shows us how easy it is to set up the ever-popular cellular trail camera. Download the Stealth Cam Command Pro or Remote App (depending on which model you have), scan the QR Code, follow the prompts and you’ll be getting photos sent straight to your phone in no time!

Finally, we’ll talk about elevated deer stands. Elevated hunting stands are an integral part of hunting. They really allow you to do a lot of different things and set yourselves up in scenarios to give you an advantage. When you look at the different lock-on stands, ladder stands, climbing stands, they all allow a hunter to be able to pretty much find a way to get elevated in about every hunting situation that there is. Modern elevated hunting stands that we use today like from HAWK and Muddy Outdoors, they’re designed to allow you to be comfortable, safe, secure. When it comes to elevated stands, find the one that fits your needs. Pick what’s going to work for where you’re hunting, and when you put those stands in the right situations, you’re going to increase your odds of success when you get a deer out in front of you.

2019 Championship & School of the Year Preview

Championship week at the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops is one of the most exciting weeks of the year.  Hundreds of college anglers travel from across the country to make their way to Florence, AL and Pickwick Lake.  The week is full of prizes, good food, and activities to keep the anglers busy.

Festivities kick off with a bang on Tuesday afternoon.  Competitors make their way to McFarland Park to enjoy Yamaha Angler Appreciation Night.  Upon arriving, they are greeted with a pizza dinner and tons to do.  Yamaha offers demo rides in Yamaha powered Ranger boats, Garmin provides Panoptix LiveScope demonstrations, and Abu Garcia puts on the Flip, Pitch & Cast Contest.  This night is a great treat for the anglers to take a break from the rigors of practice, and get out to socialize with other student anglers.

Next up on the schedule is the Angler and Sponsor Banquet.  Dozens of supporters of the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series are on hand providing product to the anglers and talking to them about their brands.  This is possibly the best night of the year for all of the college anglers.  They will leave tonight with a wide assortment of great products.  On top of great food and prizes, we have our first opportunity to talk to the field about their expectations for the first day of tournament action, as well as break down the race for Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia.

Also up for grabs this week is a spot in the upcoming Ranger Cup University Challenge.  The highest finishing Ranger Cup qualified team will earn an all expenses paid trip to compete in an every fish counts format event.  We provide coverage from the 2018 Ranger Cup University Challenge.  Adrian College faces off against Bethel University on a great body of water in Texas.  Be sure to sign up and get involved in this program!

In the final portion of this episode we will highlight fish care and conservation.  For these young anglers to enjoy a sustainable resource for years to come, conservation is key.  Companies like T-H Marine, AFTCO, Bass Pro Shops, Yamaha and many others make this one of their top priorities.  Learn about the efforts in place this week at the Championship including G-Juice, AFTCO Bass Bus Live Release Boat, and the AFTCO Bank Bag program.

This episode is packed full of great content that you don’t want to miss.

Wind…Friend or Enemy When Bass Fishing?

Mother Nature plays a very impactful role in determining the success or failure of a fishing trip.  Whether it’s safety concerns, level of comfort for the angler out on the water, or just how good the fish are biting, wind is a key element to factor into a fishing trip.  In this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, host Wade Middleton and special guest Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Clark Wendlandt take to the water on a windy, early spring morning on Decker Lake near downtown Austin, TX.

You’ll see a lot of great rod bending bass fishing action on a day most would have stayed at home. But not this duo, as they cover water and catch big bass while sharing insight into why and how they’re fishing.

The first pro tip to note about fishing in the wind is: go with the wind, don’t fight it.  There is a great misconception out there about how to effectively fish in the wind.  Many people think it is important to fish into the wind, allowing you to present your bait in a more natural presentation going with the current, or downstream.  Though the logic makes sense, this is just not true.  An angler can fish with the wind and be just as effective.  Wade and Clark prove that exact fact in this episode.  Fishing with the wind also allows for easier boat control.  Having things easier on you, the angler, makes fishing in the wind a more enjoyable experience.

Picking out the right bait is another key element to having success in the wind.  Begin by only fishing moving baits.  This list includes crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and lipless crankbaits.  These lures are easier to cast, control, and fish in the wind.  Often times you will find that it is very difficult to maintain bottom contact with a soft plastic bait.  Moving baits are the best option in windy conditions.

The last item to look at when gearing up for fishing windy conditions is clothing.  Proper clothing can keep you warm and dry as the wind blows across the lake.   Guidewear from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s is designed specifically for these conditions.  From a well designed hood, to a great cuff system on the sleeves, this system will keep you dry.  Clark believes this set is great to be worn in both cold and warm conditions.  The material used in Guidewear is durable and comfortable enough to be worn in any scenario.  When it comes time to gear up for a windy day, be sure to pack a set of Cabela’s Guidewear.


Bass Pro Shops – Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Casting Rod

Bass Pro Shops – Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Reel

Bass Pro Shops – Crankin’ Stick

Cabela’s – Guidewear Advance Parka

Cabela’s – Guidewear Advance Bibs

Ranger Boats – Z521L

Yamaha – VMAX SHO 250 HP

Power-Pole – Blade 2.0

Garmin – GPSMAP Electronics

Garmin – Panoptix LiveScope

Garmin – Virb XE

Sunline – FC Sniper

SPRO – Little John

Stike King – Rage Bug

Strike King – KVD 1.5 Squarebill

2018 AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open – Day 2

It’s time for the final day of competition at the AFTCO Collegiate Bass Open.  Nearly 500 college anglers will take to Lake Dardanelle in hopes of winning this prestigious event.  Following the first day of competition, weights are stacked closely at the top and it appears to be anyone’s ballgame to win.  However, Lake Dardanelle is known for being a very stingy fishery.  This means that although a team may have caught them well on day one, they may have a great deal of difficulty duplicating their performance again on day two.

Tournament fishing is one of the most difficult sports out there.  Each day anglers take to the water not knowing what conditions may be presented to them, and what pattern the fish will be targeting on.  Add to the mix the fact that several hundred boats have been going down the bank casting to the same areas, and all indications point towards extremely difficult conditions. Tune in to see exactly how final day action will play out.

During this episode we will also introduce you to more great initiatives from AFTCO.  AFTCO is known for their dedication to conservation.  Conservation is what ensures there will be healthy bodies of water and fish populations for future generations.  From the Bass Bus Live Release Boat, to the Bank Bag Program, AFTCO has measures in place to make sure they are doing their part.  We will hear from the competitors as they express their appreciation and gratitude for what this great company is working to accomplish.