Top 10 Places to Camp on Memorial Day

Top 10 Places to Camp on Memorial Day Weekend with Your Family


Memorial Day is fast approaching! That’s right, finally it has been a long grind since Easter, but a three day weekend is in sight. Do you have plans for Memorial Day? Are you not one for going to crazy, trying to go elbow to elbow with the crowd at some popular places with your family? Would you rather prefer a quite weekend at home? Don’t let it scare you, there are some significantly quieter places you can sneak off to. Picture this…a weekend going back to the basics! A tent, a campfire, open sky and stars, marshmallows, a Hershey bar, graham cracker, and some messy smiling mouths on your kids face! Going back to the basics, and pitching a tent this Memorial Day will be a trip you and your kids will remember. This Memorial Day visit these top 10 places to go camping with the family.

Camping season is here, prepare your gear, make reservations now, and get ready for a great Memorial Day weekend at these top places to camp on Memorial Day!

California: Yosemite National Park

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Yosemite

An American classic beauty, California’s Yosemite National Park is a definite top place to camp and pitch a tent. It’s got the Big 3, views, wildlife, and something to remember. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, with breathtaking and stunning views that will last in your family’s mind forever, Yosemite is the ticket. Towering sequoias, lots of wildlife, waterfalls, cliffs, mountains and lots of hiking.

There are multiple accommodations and a lot of options for camping at Yosemite national park. This is one your family will remember for the rest of their life!

Montana: Glacier National Park

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Glacier

One of the top places to camp on Memorial Day weekend, would be a trip to Glacier National Park! This camping trip would take your family back to life before man. The pristine wilderness, lakes, forests, meadows, and hiking trails put you back into time. Let your family camp this rugged area that offers complete solitude and remarkable wild experience!

There are 13 different campgrounds throughout the park to choose from that offer many accommodations that will make for an easy and laidback but unforgettable camping trip.

Utah: Zion National Park

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Zion

Another extraordinary stay for Memorial Day weekend would have to be Zion National Park. Zion is most notable for its geology, with colorful cliffs, canyons, high rugged hiking trails, and winding Virgin River.

There are only 3 campgrounds in the national park, make reservations quick if you would like to experience Zion with your family!

South Dakota: The Badlands National Park

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Badlands

The Badlands National Park is one of the top places to camp on Memorial Day. Why? You won’t see anything quite like it anywhere else in the world. It’s extremely unique geological deposits, fossils, and history create a crazy cool place to take the family and kids for an unforgettable and engaging trip! There are many educational activities within and focused on the Badlands available for the family and kids.

There are two campgrounds, Cedar pass and sage creek that offer camping. This trip will not be with a a traditional campfire unfortunately, the dry climate creates fire hazards, so your campfire will have to be contained to a grill and juicy steaks or hamburgers!

Maine: Acadia National Park

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Acadia

If you are in the Northeast region of the country, this may be the top place to camp at on Memorial Day for you! Acadia National Park is located on Main’s Mount Desert Island. It’s a great place for camping and exploration on rugged rocky beaches, wood land, beaches, and granite cliffs and peaks.

Acadia has 4 campgrounds available to stay at, one offering very primitive accommodations perfect for a family get away!

Washington: Olympic National Park

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Olympic

If you are looking for something to mesmerize your family and/or kids Olympic National Park is the place to go! Located on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the old growth forests of the park are something from another world. This has got everything you could wish for in a great spot for camping on Memorial Day!

This park has a ton of campgrounds available to stay, but be warned all but one is first-come, first served!

Arizona: Grand Canyon National Park

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Grand Canyon

Not a lot needs to be set about this iconic American National Park. Grand Canyon National Park is a bucket list, “need to do”, so this Memorial Day might be the year and weekend to finally take the family to the Grand Canyon.

Unlike some of the other parks this one will be packed with people, but a lot of fun! Camping accommodations, shuttles, backcountry hiking, swimming, and water rafting as well as many other activities give you plenty to do over Memorial Day Weekend. If you are interested in rafting, this will definitely be a trip to pack your swimwear on!

Insert Picture – Swimwear –

Tennessee: Great Smoky Mountains

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Smokies
If you reside in the east or Midwest region of the country chances are the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is on your radar for one of the top places for camping on Memorial Day. This is America’s most visited park and for good reason. The Appalachian culture, black bears, wildlife, old growth forest, mountains, and great hiking are a great place to camp and explore at with the family.

No worries here on camping, plenty of campgrounds are available to accommodate the flood of visitors each year!

New Hampshire: White Mountain National Forest

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - White Mountains

Home of the highest peaks of the Northeast the White Mountain National Forest are a great place to have a classic camping trip on Memorial Day. This classic will be filled with campfires, hiking, scenery, and plenty of streams to explore.

Plenty of campgrounds are available, so do some research and plan the stay the best matches you and your family!

Maryland: Assateague Island National Seashore

Top Places to Camp on Memorial Day - Assateagu

The Assateague Island National Seashore is a definite must for the top places to camp on Memorial Day. This unit of the national park service is location in Maryland’s shore on the Atlantic Ocean. This is a spring time camping trip! Beach weather is desired once spring breaks into summer on Memorial Day weekend. This gives you the relaxation of the beach and the beach fun with kids, but also offers salt marshes, maritime forests, coastal bays and the famed wild horses.

The reservations fill up fast in this location, so check out the camping available in the unit and make a decision!


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