The Difference Between Forward & Reverse-Draw Crossbows

With crossbows becoming as popular as they are, there are lots of new, powerful, and innovative models out there. One thing you see are reverse draw crossbows, but what’s the difference between a reverse draw crossbow and a traditional forward draw crossbow?

On a reverse draw crossbow, the riser, (which is most of the weight on a crossbow) is going to be at the center of the barrel, as opposed to out front. So it eliminates a lot of that nose-heavy feel of forward draw crossbows. It also allows you to take advantage of a full power stroke. On a reverse draw crossbow, you get a longer power stroke, so you can generate more speed and more power out of them, as opposed to the forward draw crossbow.

Some people like the reverse-draw from an overall balance perspective and others still favor the traditional/natural feel of a forward-draw crossbow. Whichever type of crossbow you prefer you can check them all out at