Catching Bass All Over The Nation

Americana Outdoors is Bass fishing all over the nation! We’re starting on the West coast on Lake Castaic where we’ll meet up with Bass Pro Shops Pro Anglers David Walker and Wade Middleton as they visit the lake for the very first time. While we’re there they talk about and share insight on fishing a heavily pressured lake while also hearing from anglers like Clark Wendlandt, Gerald Swindle, Aaron Martens, John Crews, Brent Ehler on choosing fishing line, tying knots and matching fishing line to the bait their fishing. After we wrap up our trips to Castaic and talking fishing line we head to the world famous Sam Rayburn reservoir where we’ll join Wade Middleton as he fishes a late winter day with with water temperatures in the low to mid 50’s with both a Spro Suspending McStik Jerkbait and a Spro Aruku Shad. We then wrap it up with Terry McWilliams who shares his secret fishing bait called the Stupid Tube. He shares the technique and how it’s helped him catch fish for years!

Products and Topics Featured in this episode:

  • Choosing Fishing line for that day.
  • Fishing baits like Ned Rig and how.
  • Choosing Sunline Sniper or Shooter
  • What is best fishing line?
  • Using Sunline Sniper for finesse fishing
  • Finding largemouth bass on Sam Rayburn reservoir
  • Why Monofilment line might be a better choice at times.
  • How to find Bass.
  • Bass Pro Shops Fishing Rods
  • How to fish and rig the Stupid Tube


  • Ranger Boats
  • Sunline Sniper
  • Big Bite Baits
  • Garmin GPS Mapping
  • Garmin Sonar
  • Garmin Virb
  • Spro Aruku Shad
  • Spro Jerkbaits
  • Bubba Blade Pliers
  • Secret Lures Stupid Tube