Targeting Bass on Boat Docks

In this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, we focus on dock fishing.  Boat docks litter the shorelines of many lakes across the country.  These structures offer shade, and a spot for bass to hang out nearly year round.  When it comes time to catch a kicker fish, many top pros even turn to fishing docks to find that right bite.  Learn about the proper baits to use, and other important details regarding dock fishing in this episode.


Picking the right boat dock to fish is not an easy task.  Many lakes these days have numerous docks in each cove.  So a popular question becomes, ‘How do you know which one to fish?’  Professional anglers Jason Christie and Jeff Kriet suggest selecting the dock that is on its own and sticks out from the rest.  From their experience, they have found that bass will tend to congregate around the dock that is different from everything else around it.


Once you’ve figured out which dock to fish, picking the right bait becomes the next task at hand.  As is the case with any piece of structure on a lake, bass can set up near the surface, suspend in the middle of the water column, or hang tight to the bottom.  In this show, the fish are suspended around the docks feeding on shad.  Host Wade Middleton decides to target these fish with a SPRO McStick jerkbait.  Boat docks are high percentage areas to fish, and can even kick out a giant fish fairly often!


Gear Shown In Video

Ranger Boats – Z521L:

Yamaha – VMAX SHO 250 HP:

Power-Pole – Blade 2.0:

Garmin – GPSMAP Electronics:

Garmin – Panoptix:

Garmin – Virb XE:

TH Marine – HydroWave H2:

TH Marine – Atlas Jack Plate:

SPRO – McStick Jerkbait:

Big Bite Baits – Finesse Worm: