Wade Breaks in a New Hunting Handgun from Smith & Wesson

We join Wade on the range as he preps to go out hunting with a popular handgun from Smith & Wesson, the Model 610 revolver in 10mm equipped with some brand new HIVIZ sights. Wade will share some insight on what he likes to do to get ready for a handgun hunt before he ventures out to fill the freezer.

Regardless, know that you’ll see this Smith & Wesson handgun in Wade’s more and more this coming deer season!

Expand Your Horizons with Handgun Hunting

Handgun hunting is a totally different way of hunting it. As far as what you do as the hunter you still have to hunt the same way you would with a bow, crossbow, rifle, or whatever it may be. You’re still trying to get as close as you possibly can and make his most ethical shots that you can.

Smith & Wesson Handguns:

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The Ways You Can Upgrade Your Handgun

When it comes to customizing any type of firearm there’s always going to be options. The factory set ups a lot of times are more than fine for a lot of situations. But if you want to maximize the performance, you can add some things to your firearm. Smith & Wesson for instance has the Performance Center where you can have your triggers be a little crisper, or have a little less poundage for the pull, and so many other options. Smith and Wesson’s are going to be hard to beat the factory shields and Model 629 classics that are out there. But one thing we definitely like to do with about every firearm we get, is upgrade our sights to HIVIZ sights and it’s very easy to do for the majority of the models!

Smith & Wesson Handguns:

HIVIZ Sights:

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Gear Around The Camp

It’s all about gearing up for hunting season on Cabela’s Deer Gear TV! We’re looking at the all new Thompson Center Compass Bolt-Action Rifle, riding along in the new ATVs and Side by Sides from Yamaha, and we’re prepping and maintaining our TenPoint Crossbows.