Garmin Live Scope Review

Panoptix LiveScope, these two words have revolutionized bass fishing as we know. This new technology from Garmin won the Best of Category for Electronics in the New Product Showcase at ICAST 2018. In this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, we take an in-depth look at Panoptix LiveScope and the many other great features built into Garmin Electronics. Having high quality electronics on your boat can provide you with a fresh view and better understanding of your favorite body of water. Special guests include Mark Daniels, Mike McClleand, Scott Martin, Clark Wendlandt, Jason Christie, Luke Dunkin and Russ Lane all join host Wade Middleton. On this show, learn everything you need to know about Panoptix LiveScope. Find out what the buzz is all about as we hit the floor at ICAST 2018 to talk to some of the top pros in the industry. We then head to the water to learn how to set one up, and better maximize the potential of this great product. Anglers rave about the quality and definition provided from the transducer. Garmin Panoptix LiveScope gives users the ability to determine the specific species of a fish they see on their screen. The uses for this technology are endless, and will forever change the way we look at fishing. Panoptix LiveScope may receive all of the chatter, but there are a lot more great features packed into the GPSMAP series of products. One of those great capabilities is in the details and capabilities of the mapping system. Depth Range Shading transforms the way we view contour lines on a map. Anglers can assign specific colors to a given depth range across a body of water. Say you’ve assigned the color green to the depth range of 0-5 ft., and this is also the depth where you’re catching fish. Now you can look at your map, find an area that is colored green, head over there, and have confidence that you are running your pattern successfully. Find out more about Garmin, and learn how to use electronics on the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook.

Products used in this episode:

Bass Pro Shops – Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Reel

Bass Pro Shops – Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Casting Rod

Ranger Boats – Z521L

Yamaha – VMAX SHO 250 HP

Power-Pole – Blade 2.0


Garmin – GPSMAP Electronics

Garmin – Panoptix LiveScope

Garmin – Virb XE

SPRO – McStick Jerkbait

SPRO – Little John

TH Marine – HydroWave H2

TH Marine – Atlas Jack Plate

Bass Fishing with Electronics Made Easy Thanks to Garmin

No need to be intimidated as it’s all about using your electronics for locating fish in today’s episode. We’ll start hearing from Scott Martin as he shares insight in the new Live Scope from Garmin, then we’ll hear from Mike McClelland on how Live Scopes works before Jason Chrisite shows you what the fish are doing on the screen. Then we’ll go out on the water with Americana Outdoors’ Wade Middleton along with Pro Clark Wendlandt as they head to Fayette County Lake in Texas during the summer on a trip to use Garmin’s Live Scope for the very first tie. to check out the newest Garmin LiveScope for the first time! Then we spend time with Jason Christie on Lake Amistad where he shares insight on setting up his electronics before we go WAY north to Minnesota to meet up with Steve Pennaz and Danny Thompson for Wade’s first Ice fishing trip.

Products Seen in this episode include:

Garmin GPSMap 7616

Garmin 7612Map

Garmin Live Scope

Garmin Pan Optix

Johnny Morris Platinium Series Fishing Rod and Reels

Bass Pro Shops


Ranger Boats

Yamaha SHO 250 Sunline Agasi Braided Line Sunline 6 Pound Test Sniper Big Bite Baits Yamaha Viking