Going Soft for Largemouth Bass

One of the best times of the year to be out on the water fishing is during the spring. The weather is warming, plants are blooming, and more importantly, the bass are spawning. During the spawn, bass will push up into shallow water to make their beds. This makes them easier to see, and anglers can target these fish effectively by flipping soft plastic baits. In this episode, host Wade Middleton and professional angler Jeff Kriet are searching the shallows for bedding bass while using Big Bite Baits soft plastics. In recent years, a soft plastic stick bait has rapidly become one of the most popular baits nationwide. The small, slender profile of these worms allows the bait to float slowly through the water column with a swift swaying motion. This action drives bass insane as they cannot resist the opportunity to eat this enticing object. Big Bite Baits produces one of the best soft plastic stick baits on the market in the “Trick Stick.” Available in a wide variety of colors, the Trick Stick can be fished both weightless, or without a weight. This gives anglers the opportunity to rig the bait in a multitude of ways. The main two presentations are: Texas rig, and wacky rig. Along with that, the bait can be worked on light line, and with heavier line and a bait caster. During this show, Jeff and Wade work the Trick Stick in and amongst flooded cover, picking off spawning fish at a rapid rate. In the second half of the show, Jeff Kriet introduces us to another great bait from Big Bite Baits. That bait is the Tour Swim Worm. Currently a prototype, this bait will be introduced to the public very soon. Pro staff members have worked to test this bait over the span of 18 months to ensure it will perform under any and all conditions. The Tour Swim Worm is designed to swim effortlessly through shallow grass when Texas rigged. This swimming action can be achieved by separating the tail, allowing the tail to move rapidly when retrieved back to the boat.

Here are several more details about the Tour Swim Worm from Big Bite Baits:

-Available in two lengths: 5.5” & 7.5”

-Features a ringed body with solid core allowing for easy hook placement

-12 different color patterns

-5.5” is available in a 10 pack

-7.5” is available in an 8 pack

Be sure to tune in to learn about these great soft plastics from Big Bite Baits.

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