2nd Annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash Part 1


This week on Americana Outdoors, we have some of the top industry representatives joining us at deer camp for the second annual 2019 Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash! Joining us this year are repeat competitors, Wade Middleton, Scott Newby, and Brad Dryer, and a few new faces including Rehan Nana, Jeff Reynolds, Keith Combs, Ray Hanselman, and Ryan Villopoto. Over the course of this unique and highly competitive event, our team members are in for a weekend packed full of bonding, light-hearted jabs, great food, and an over-the-top fishing and hunting experience!

During the hunting portion of the event, our teams will have access to Yamaha’s full line up of Side-By-Side vehicles for utility and recreational use. These models include the Viking 3-seater, Viking VI EPS, and Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition, as well as the Wolverine X2 and X4. Yamaha has set the industry standard for designing and engineering side-by-side vehicles that ensure their customers experience superior off-road performance! With these vehicles you can leave worry behind and explore the outdoors with confidence! For more information on these rugged Side-By-Side vehicles, visit

We’re kicking day one of the 2019 Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash off bright and early with team members rising before the sun to head out in search of the perfect location to scope out their turkeys. Ryan Villopoto and Ray Hanselman are first on scene patiently waiting for turkeys to appear. While Ray has an extensive history with this county, having been a hunting guide years ago, this marks Ryans first time ever turkey hunting. Find out if he is able to successfully harvest one of these turkeys and give his team an early advantage!

As we catch up with the rest of our teams, it becomes clear early on that these turkeys are not making it easy for our hunters. Each team moves around several times within their designated hunting areas. By the end of the day, only two teams harvest a turkey, and two teams are left empty handed. BUT! At the Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash, anything can happen. Before the daylight disappears, Scott and Wade have devised a little plan where the two teams without turkeys face off in an epic corn hole battle! Both teams will be allowed to return to the field to take one more shot at harvesting a turkey, but the winner of the corn hole play-off gets first dibs at deciding which treasured hunting location to return to. Tune in and find out which teams harvest turkeys, and which teams will be fighting to make up some serious ground when we return next week for the fishing portion of the 2019 Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash!