Texas Bass Fishing Tips

On this week’s episode of Fishing and Hunting Texas, Clark Wendlandt is meeting up with fellow professional bass angler Keith Combs as they share all sorts of bass fishing tips from Choke Canyon Reservoir! In South Texas, water level plays a key factor. Choke is up about four feet, and while last year was great for fishing, but right now there’s some areas that fishermen can’t access. While that may work against anglers for the time being, it’s great for the fish during the spawn, and the outlook for the next five years on Choke Canyon is optimistic.

Clark and Keith are heading out on Choke Canyon at the tail end of a cold front, which doesn’t make for the most ideal conditions at this lake, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be big fish lurking around. As the day kicks off, the guys each reel in a fish, and although they’re not very big, it’s just the beginning of part of the fun of fishing: figuring out what the fish will want on any given day. The guys throw buzz baits, frogs, and swimmers, with bites here and there, but it’s not until we’re nearing the end of the day that Clark starts figuring out this puzzle. With a Strike King Hybrid Hunter in Chartreuse Perch tied to the end of his line, Clark stirs up a flurry of bass and reels in one after another, and it doesn’t take long for Keith to follow suit and get in on the Hybrid Hunter action as well!

The next day Clark and Keith head out for one more morning run at searching out where the monster bass of Choke Canyon may be hiding. True to any day of fishing, the fish are interested in a completely different presentation today. The bait of the day ends up being a Strike King Rage Swimmer, and we’ll have a chance to see Keith hammer them one cast after another. Stay tuned at the end when Clark and Keith will go over how they presented this bait to the fish, and explain how there’s always more than one way to fish this impressive bait by Strike King!