The 4th Annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash Part 2

This week on Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re continuing our coverage of the fourth annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash! On the first day of the Turkey Bass Smash the turkeys weren’t gobbling as much as we’d hoped, but that didn’t stop our teams from putting multiple birds on the ground! We’ve already been treated to an action packed adventure with triumph and heartbreak, and today we’ll find out who will come out on top, here, on Amistad Reservoir!

Each of our teams are fishing for a five fish limit, and the heaviest limit of the day will earn 75 points for a teams overall score. Of course, with any competition, where there’s points to be earned, there’s points to be lost, and teams will need to keep in mind a host of ways they can earn themselves a penalty, such as failing to check in during the three designated checkin’s today, and not arriving back at the scales on time at the end of the day.

Today our three teams will be zipping across Amistad Reservoir searching for pristine fishing areas in boats powered by Yamaha V Max SHO® Outboards. Yamaha delivers reliability and durability with their powerful engines, which is just what these victory-thirsty competitors need in order to win! For more information on the Yamaha V Max SHO® Outboards, visit!

To kick things off we’ll hit the water with the Zaldaingerous Duo! Even though we’ll be on the boat with Chris when he catches their first fish relatively early on in the game, the fishing will slow down considerably over the next few hours. But according to the first 10am check-in, fishing starts off slow for everyone.

By the time we join Team Wendlandt’s boat for the 10am to noon portion of the day, Clark and Brandon are hammering the fish and landing them left and right. Before we leave their boat, they’ll already have a limit and be culling for bigger fish.

Over on Team Middleton’s boat, with more than half of the day gone and only two fish in the livewell, things are looking grim. However, Wade will tell you it’s never over ‘till it’s over, and we’ll see them net their third keeper. If we remember last year, Wade and Scott filled out their limit with only minutes to spare, and anything can happen in this wild tournament. Will the Zaldaingerous Duo will be able to pull themselves out of the hole? Will Wade and Scott take over the leaderboard at the last minute like last year, or will Clark and Brandon hold on to their lead from Day 1? Tune in and find out who will be crowned the champions of the Fourth Annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash!