The Association of Collegiate Anglers returns to Pickwick for the 2021 Pickwick Slam

The Pickwick Slam is a two-day, no-entry fee event that pays out the top 20 finishing spots with $30,000 in prizes and contingencies up for grabs. This event is also a favorite among the anglers because it counts as double points towards the School of the Year race. The winning team of the Pickwick Slam earns 1,000 points for their respective school, which can make or break the season for many schools on the playing field. Close to 400 of the top collegiate anglers competed in the 2021 Pickwick Slam.

Last year’s Pickwick Slam also marked the eleventh time that the ACA has hosted a major collegiate event on Pickwick Lake. With anglers hitting the water in the springtime, this meant bass were active and biting all across the lake. Over the two day course of fishing, Pickwick Lake showed out and produce big fish after big fish. Collegiate anglers fought tooth and nail to hit their limits and bring large numbers back to the scales.

By the end of the day, Fisher Young and Fisher Overton locked in a third place finish with an overall total of thirty eight point ninety nine pounds. Tune in and find out which teams will round out the top three finishing spots of the 2021 Pickwick Slam!