The Debut of the Yamaha Helm Master EX

For years, Yamaha has dominated boat control standards with the original Helm Master boat control system. Once again they’ve raised the standards of boat control and maneuverability with the debut of the Helm Master EX. The latest boat in control is all about expandability and functionality, and with the Helm Master EX, boaters and anglers alike will have several different options of what level of control they prefer, with the ability to expand the system if the need arises in the future. Over the course of our time on our water, we’ll learn about the features of the very base level, known as the DEC or Digital Electronic Control level, that every boat with Helm Master EX will come equipped with. Next up we’ll learn about the second stage you can expand to, known as the DES or Digital Electronic Steering level. This is an incredible new advancement in which Yamaha has removed hydraulic systems from the boat and gone completely digital. The Third level has even more exciting new advancements, and introduces the safest autopilot features on the market! From heading hold, to course hold, pattern steer, and track points, the autopilot level of the Helm Master EX gives customers the ability to focus on conditions around them. Rounding out the four levels of the Helm Master EX system is the cherry on top, the joystick control. The joystick offers a new, innovative, and more efficient approach to controlling your boat. As Captain Sean Gill will tell us, “Having the Helm Master Ex system on your boat absolutely makes sense, it’s a much more efficient way to drive the boat, it’s the safest auto pilot out there, and it’s got a ton of standard features at every level!” To learn more about this exciting new generation of boat control, head on over to