The Down n’ Dirty of Hog Hunting

As an invasive species, feral hogs are the bane of native animals, hunters, land owners, and ranchers alike, and we’ll take a look at all the various ways you can hunt them, while having a lot of fun along the way!   Many people look at hog hunting as a way to help eradicate the over population of feral hogs, most of which have caused significant damage to the environment. Another great aspect of hog hunting is that they can be hunted 365 days a year, day or night. This open season on hogs gives hunters a wide variety of means and methods to enjoy hog hunting, from compound bows to crossbows, handguns, airguns, traditional bolt action rifles, to modern sporting rifles! One of the most important things to do before hitting the field is to check your local state hunting guidelines to ensure you’re operating within legal bounds. As Wade will tell us, “the bottom line on hog hunting is get out, learn their habits, learn what they do, and whether you’re just trying to shoot a small one to put in the smoker, or a you’re trying to shoot a big boar to mount on the wall, you’re going to enjoy a hog hunt.”