Third Annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash Part 1

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re in South Texas hosting the third annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash! We’ve had a leap year in the tournament due to the cancellation caused by Covid last year, but all that to say we’re back this year with fiercer competition, and the stakes for bragging rights and taking home that glorious trophy are higher than they’ve ever been! For this event we have Team Middleton consisting of the reigning champs Wade Middleton and Scott Newby who are looking to take home back-to-back wins, and we have some new faces entering the playing field looking to cause an upset with Clark Wendlandt and Brandon Brinkman on Team Wendlandt, and Michael Wersig and Josh Dahlke rounding out Team Wersig! As we go on this wild ride with these competitive guys, we’ll see a weekend packed with razzing, bonding, great food, rule breaking, huge celebrations, and devastating heartbreak!

During the hunting portion of the Turkey Bass Smash, our three teams will be utilizing the Yamaha Wolverine X4, the RMAX2 1000 XT-R, and the RMAX4 1000 Limited Edition to navigate tough terrain and cover lots of ground across this 15,000 acre property.  Each of these models have class leading suspension and class leading power with a Yamaha ten year belt warranty.  Yamaha has set the industry standard for designing and engineering side by side vehicles that ensure their customers can leave worry behind and explore the outdoors with confidence! For more information on these rugged Side-By-Side vehicles, visit!

We begin our day with Michael Wersig and Josh Dahlke. Not even ten minutes into the first hunt of the day do our competitors find themselves squarely in the middle of a roost with large turkeys gobbling all around them, and it’s not long before Michael and Josh have their first bird on the ground! Feeling pretty confident going into the afternoon, Michael and Josh get their first bird tagged and checked in at camp. Back out in the field, Wade and Scott work tirelessly to close the gap between themselves and Team Wersig, and also successfully get a massive bird bagged n’ tagged!

Later on in the day, we check in with Clark and Brandon. Clark’s hunting style is very similar to that of his fishing style, so they’ve been runnin’ and gunnin’ all day long to have encounters with turkeys. As they continue moving through the thick South Texas brush, they manage to bust their own competition and stumble upon Team Wersig’s hunting site. After taking some time to catch up with their competition, Team Wendlant moves along to their next location and we hang back with Team Wersig to see if they can recover from being busted by their own rivals. It doesn’t take long before a turkey makes an appearance, and we’re treated to an incredible hunt that’s going to go down in Turkey Bass Smash history books!

To wrap up the first day of the third annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash, Clark and Brandon head out to the field with only twenty minutes of competition left to spare. Clark spots a group of turkey almost 1000 yards away and they begin the long walk to close the gap on them. Tune in and find out if Clark and Brandon are able to pull off a turkey miracle!