Third Annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash Part 2

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re continuing our coverage of the third annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash!  In our previous episode we saw more twists and turns than we ever have in this fierce competition! From watching Team Wersig’s monumental fall from first to last place after going over the two bird limit, to witnessing Clark and Brandon claw their way onto the scoreboard at the very last minute, we’ve already been treated to an action packed adventure and today will be no exception on Amistad Reservoir!

Out on the water, our teams will be fishing for a five fish limit, and the heaviest bag of the day will receive seventy points towards their overall team total. The second biggest bag of the day will earn fifty points, followed up by forty points for third place. Ten point bonuses will be awarded to the biggest fish of the day and the heaviest combined two fish, and a five point bonus will go to the team who reels in the second largest fish of the day. In any competition where you can earn bonus points, our teams will also have to watch out for penalties. Any team who has more than five fish in the livewell, returns to the river bank late, fishes past last cast, and fishes outside the designated parameters of Amistad Reservoir will receive ten point penalties per rule break.

Today our three teams will be zipping across the waters of Amistad Reservoir powered by Yamaha V Max SHO® Outboards.  Yamaha delivers reliability and durability with their powerful engines, which is just what these victory-thirsty competitors are looking for as they search out pristine fishing areas.  For more information on the Yamaha V Max SHO® Outboards, visit!

We’re kicking things off with Team Wendlandt out on the water, and it barely takes any time before they find themselves with their first fish in the livewell! As we jump between boats, we’ll see these teams duking it out for a chance to take home that big blue trophy. While the battle rages on, over in Team Wersig’s boat yet another disadvantage is discovered, and it takes a little ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve their problem. By the end of the day, Team Wendlandt is looking like the clear winner as they’re the only team to have reached a limit, followed up by Team Wersig with three fish, and Team Middleton with just two fish in their livewell. As the clock ticks down and we close out our time on the water, will Team Middleton pull off a bass fishing miracle like we saw the day before when Team Wendlandt put down their turkey with only minutes to spare? Tune in and find out who will be crowned the champions of the third annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash!