Throwing The Secret Lures MVP Swim Jig at Choke Canyon

We’re joining Wade Middleton at Choke Canyon Reservoir where he’s throwing a Secret Lures Swim Jig in some rather cloudy conditions.  Swim jigs are a great bait for covering lots of water, you can impart a lot of action on them, and they’re great for generating strikes and showing you where the fish are in the water. The Secret Lures MVP Swim Jig is available in three different sizes, with a multitude of weight variations, which allows you to switch up your presentation styles. The sizes include the North version, which is 1/4oz with a 5/0 Medium Mustad Hook, The South – A 3/8oz with a 4/0 Heavy Mustad Hook, and the HD, which is a 1/2oz with a 5/0 Saltwater Hook. Each of the sizes are designed with lifelike features and come in a plethora of skirt colors. As Wade will say, “Swim jig fishing will actually wear your arms out a little bit because you’re imparting a lot of action on the bait, and you really have to let the fish tell you what’s going on, but once they do, that bite on a swim jig is one of the most exciting bites you can have.” Tune in and see how the Secret Lures Swim Jig performs on the water today!