Using Crossbows for Hunting


On this episode of Americana Outdoors, it’s all about hunting with crossbows.  We’re giving you an exclusive inside look at how Tenpoint® Crossbows has evolved the performance of their crossbows into delivering deadly accuracy. From the Tenpoint® Nitro, Stealth, and Shadow series’, you’re guaranteed to find a model that will deliver what you need.

We’re kicking things off with Wade Middleton, as he takes the Tenpoint® Nitro X out on an opening day hunt for whitetail over at the Wendlandt ranch, and later, joining him on another hunt deeper into the season.  We’re seeing lots of promising deer action on the stealth cams, and hoping to see them out in the field. See what what kind of impact this incredible crossbow is capable of delivering from 35 yards!

Next, we’re taking a look at how the latest edition of Tenpoint® Crossbow Stealth NXT perform in the field. First up, Michael Wersig takes the Stealth NXT into a tree stand, hoping to get a good shot off on a whitetail. After Michael has a Successful harvest on a doe, cameraman Rusty Weed has his eyes set on a buck when it’s his turn to put the Stealth NXT to good use.

To finish off this episode, we join Wade again, this time with the Nitro XRT.  He’s doing some wild hog management efforts, and later, he comes across an animal he’s been dreaming about since the 90’s, the aoudad.  Will he have the chance to take one of these majestic animals for himself, or will it elude him once again?  Tune in and find out!