Walking The Banks of a Pond and Bass Fishing Lake Durant

This week on Americana Outdoors, we’re getting back to our roots and heading over to a secluded area in Kentucky for some good ol’ fashioned pond fishing. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the past lane and forget that every once in a while, we need to take a well deserved break and enjoy the simple things in life. As Wade Middleton and Jeff Reynolds walk the banks of this quiet and peaceful pond area, they spend some time reminiscing on how pond fishing played a big role in their life growing up. And of course, it’s not a day of fishing with these two long time friends without a little bit of competition and friendly banter tossed in the mix. The wonderful thing about pond fishing is you can always count on catching something. Whatever the pond happens to be stocked with, be it bass, perch, sunfish, catfish,, the fish are always eager to bite. Our guys enjoy an awesome day reeling in fish after fish, constantly trading which one is reeling in the biggest fish. At the end of the day, both Wade and Jeff will attest that this day of pond fishing served as a nice get away and reminder of just how fun and relaxing pond fishing can be for anyone who wants to go out and enjoy their day of fishing.

Next up, we’re heading over to Oklahoma with Jeff Reynolds as he takes one of his favorites baits to use this time of the year out on the beautiful waters of Lake Durant. The bait in question, is none other than the Secret Lures Ledge Shaker. Ever since he was introduced to this bait a few years back, he’s been hooked and has caught more fish in the last two years on this bait than he has with any other bait. Over the course of the day we will see the Ledge Shaker performing to it’s maximum potential, showing off just how durable it is, and how versatile it is under varying weather and lake conditions. We’ll also get a chance to witness Jeff reel in a number of fish, ranging from small, decent sized fish, all the way up to a massive six pounder!