What’s New For Bass Anglers

Year in and year out, the top companies and brands in the fishing industry work diligently to continue to develop new baits and products to improve each angler’s success out on the water. On this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, host Wade Middleton takes a look at some of the newest products to hit the market that will help you catch more fish.

The first bait we will introduce to you is the Skipping Toad Buzz from Big Bite Baits. The Tour Toad Buzz has gained massive popularity since its release, so Big Bite Baits decided to expand its offering by creating a skipping version. It’s got a slightly heavier wire than the original, and the lead is hidden inside of the toad. The result is a super compact frame that’s easy to skip under docks and into tight places that other buzzbaits simply can’t go!

Next up, Wade hits the water to show us the new Flappin’ Frog from SPRO. The SPRO engineers worked diligently to create the new Flappin’ Frog, part of the Essential Series, extending the company’s footprint in the world of topwater with a frog meant to be buzzed. The skirted legs have been replaced by paddle-tailed appendages that can be buzzed across the surface or retrieved in a stop-and-go pattern. They’re deadly over thick cover and in open water alike. The frog is made of elastomer material, which makes it float and stretch.

After introducing several new baits, we will now take a look at some advancements made to the Garmin Ice Fishing Bundle. Unveiled at ICAST, the Garmin LiveScope™ Ice Fishing Bundle LI is a chartplotter and transducer bundle with revolutionary Panoptix LiveScope sonar powered by a lightweight lithium battery. Weighing one-third of comparable lead-acid batteries and offering up to 65% more battery life, the new included lithium battery helps anglers cover more ground on the ice, and spend more time doing what they love—finding and catching fish.

To round out the show, we take a look at the latest edition of a tried and true fish catching lure, the XPS All-American Spinnerbait from Bass Pro Shops. Step up your spinnerbait game while saluting America with the Bass Pro Shops XPS All-American Spinnerbait. You can be proud to fish these All-American spinnerbaits because each is made right here in the USA! XPS components live up to their highest quality standards for bass-catching action. Each comes equipped with a TroKar® Pro-V hook, Hildebrandt blades, Worth swivel, Z-Man® EZ skirt, and Mustang wire. A clear gloss finish adds a lasting layer of protection to the painted head. Made in USA.

Tune in to this episode of the Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook to learn about the latest and greatest items to hit the market!