When You Should Use Cover Scents and Attractants

Cover scents and attractants, are two totally different categories when it comes scent products in regards to hunting. A cover scent is something that you put on you, your gear, and the surrounding foliage to make the deer not know I’m there.

A scent attractant is something that you use to bring a deer out of the brush to come into your hunting area because they think there is a hot doe, or a buck that’s moved into their area. Cover Scents and Attractants can be used in a similar manners, but they have distinctly different times of year.

ConQuest Scents is the leader in Cover Scent and Attractant technology. They’ve got their own deer farm and they bring their “Doe in Heat”, and the “Rutting Buck”scents right out of those deer, right when it’s happening. ConQuest Scents is able to put those different smells into a variety of deployment systems, like the Stink Stick, ScentFire, and Wax Applicators.

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